Big Country – “In A Big Country” steals the film

Posted by sgomusic on February 15, 2014 in News, Synch update

MV5BMTcwMzQ4OTU3NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjE4MDgwMTE@._V1_SX214_-1Big Country‘s “In A Big Country” written and performed by the band – Stuart Adamson, Mark Brzezicki, Tony Butler and Bruce Watson, was licensed for the new indie film Land Ho!. Here are some of the reviews from Sundance Film Festival. “The soundtrack, too, is a total winner with scenes punctuated by somewhat anachronistic – and yet totally right – electronic music including the film’s unofficial anthem, “In a Big Country”.”–The Film Experience. “One of my favorite side effects of going to a film festival is getting a song from a movie lodged in my head. This year at Sundance, that honor goes to “In a Big Country” from the modestly charming Land Ho! Now, that chorus just makes me think of Paul Eenhoorn.”–Tim Grierson (film and music critic for Screen International, Deadspin, Paste and Playboy). “They make excellent use of both original synth-pop music and Big Country’s “In a Big Country.” It’s a song you’ve heard a thousand times but that here seems newly profound”–Wesley Morris, Grantland. “Traveling a stunning Icelandic landscape with an ’80s synth-pop soundtrack (the use of “In a Big Country” is positively glorious)”–Madison Movie. “And I couldn’t get “In a Big Country” by Big Country out of my head after it exploded out of the speakers in “Land Ho!”–Cyndy Drue, 102.9 WMGK, Philadelphia’s Classic Rock. “Best Meta Music: “Land Ho!” in @LandHoMovie. (Also features “In a Big Country” by Big Country) #mysundanceawards2014″–Leah Giblin, Cinereach. “Exhilarating and/or dorky, Aaron Katz’s use of “In a Big Country” in LAND HO! is my fave needle drop of #Sundance2014 #thecrossingonvinyl”–Joshua Rothkopf(Film Editor, Time Out New York; Flicks critic, Penthouse Magazine)


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