Sean Taylor

‘love against death’ :

A protest …

Peace against War. Hope against Hate. Unity against Division. Freedom against Fear. Love against Death.

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release date: 26th march 2012 :

‘Love Against Death’ will be released on the anniversary of the TUC ‘March for an Alternative’ protest, a day when half a million people marched on the streets of London. Sean was one of them.

The album was born and brought up in Kilburn, London, and comes to you by way of Austin, Texas. Sean is an unwilling member of the generation defined by neo liberalism. One of Thatcher’s children, who became one of Blair’s adults, this album is a howl against both, a direct challenge to a world where we are judged by what we consume rather than what we contribute.
LOVE AGAINST DEATH is a direct challenge to a reality dominated by greed, inequality, and injustice. LOVE AGAINST DEATH is the choice we make at every moment, in every relationship, and by every action. It’s about taking sides.
The album was recorded in Austin, Texas, and produced by Mark Hallman. After hearing Mark’s work, with Eliza Gilkyson in particular, Sean realised he would be perfect. Sean wanted to capture his live guitar sound, and Mark is the absolute master in this area. As a session guitarist himself, he knows exactly how to record and mix different guitars. Mark has also produced Carole King, Ani di Franco, Tom Russell, Iain Matthews, as well as working with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Oasis, and Lyle Lovett.

1. “Stand Up” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

This song tells the story of the TUC ‘March for an Alternative’ protest on the 26th March 2011. It was a day of celebration, of collectivism and solidarity, with half a million people on the streets of London, and I was one of them. All of us united in opposition to government austerity measures and all in support of creating a fairer society.

2. “Kilburn” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

I was born and still live in Kilburn, North-West London. It’s a predominantly working class, multi-ethnic community, which brings a wide range of cultures together. I am proud to come from here. There’s energy, a buzz and a pulse, which can be both addictive and challenging. It’s a perpetual source of inspiration and my daily bread as an artist…home.

3. “Absinthe Moon” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

A song written about Glastonbury, the midnight fires and night tripping. The song is about a magical place that exists in the embrace of love and freedom, and art and experimentation…my second home.

4. “Western Intervention” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

This song is directly inspired by Naomi Klein’s book, ‘The Shock Doctrine’, an investigation into Neo-Liberalism, beginning in America in the 1970’s. The book follows the Chicago School of Economics quest to rule the world with the madness of capitalist economics and social conservatism. It discusses the impact of these policies on Britain, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

5. “Cassady” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

Neal Cassady was the inspiration for Jack Kerouac’s ‘On The Road’, and the driver of Ken Kesey’s ‘Magic Bus’. Cassady was a key figure in the Beats and one of the original Merry Pranksters. This song celebrates one of the most influential cultural figures of all time. He inspired everyone he met, he lived every day as if it was his last, and he burned brighter than the midday sun…fearless.

6. “Sixteen Tons” :

(Merle Travis)

A song about the life of a coal miner, recorded by Merle Travis in 1946 and a fair few others since. It describes the life of a worker who owes his soul to the company store and falls deeper in debt with every day of labour. As relevant today as yesterday, a challenge for tomorrow…get to it.

7. “Ballad Of A Happy Man” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

A song about a working man out of work and luck. A life balanced between loss and heavy drinking, where friends are a salvation. Even at the heart of the beast, the flame of love burns bright.

8. “Raglan Road” :

(Words Patrick Kavanagh/Music Trad Arr. Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

A poem by Irish writer Patrick Kavanagh, about unrequited love. Recording my last album ‘Walk With Me’ in Dublin was a magical experience…the land of poets and scholars. My family are Irish and this has been a massive influence on me.

9. “Heaven” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

A song about the prison of addiction and a life built around heroin.

10. “Coal Not Dole” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

A folk song. The story of the miners strike, 1984-85, a defining battle in British history. The chorus of ‘which side were you on?’ is the meaning of the song and the album. The impact of Thatcher’s victory led to the destruction of communities, the defeat of organised labour, and the shattering of the working class…time for a fight back.

11. “Les Fleurs Du Mal” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

The title is taken from a collection of poems by Charles Baudelaire. ‘The Flowers of Evil’. I read this when I was gigging in France and it blew me away. It celebrates a journey of beauty and sensual excess…magnifique.

12. “Hymn” :

(Sean Taylor) © Sean Taylor/SGO Music Publishing Ltd

This is a poem for the poor and weak. The song came out of watching the world unravel, and how much hurt this causes. I am joined by one of my favourite singer-songwriters Eliza Gilkyson for joint vocals…a perfect ending to the album.

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