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Moxie – The Dawn of Motion

The Irish band fusing their trad roots with pop and world music.

MOXIE’s new album, The Dawn of Motion, is out now! Stream / buy the album here.

The Dawn Of Motion, sees the sextet combining musical genres like mad scientists let loose in the laboratory, switching from traditional tunes to more polished pop grooves with barely an eyebrow raised… On paper, this shouldn’t work at all and yet somehow it does – beautifully, madly so.” – HOT PRESS

Having joined MOXIE in 2018, Tunisian born singer Julia Spanu, has embraced the Irish culture through her love of music.  Julia’s pop oriented writing style gave MOXIE a chance to expand their musical horizons and craft a new sound. In 2021, they’re establishing a connection between their traditional Irish roots and pop music.